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amue’s approach to products


Skin is an organ with the largest surface area, and it also absorbs 70% of what is applied to it.

Therefore, subtracting elements from products is as important as adding ones. These products do not contain harmful additives, and are pure and sustainable.

Active + Effective

Being pure and sustainable is not the solution, though. We also need results.

Active ingredients have been optimized in high concentrations, in order to decrease scar tissue through encouraging cell regeneration and calming irritated skin.


Multifunctional solution will not care for your skin, in order to help it recover. Our products prioritize synergistic effects and ratio between individual ingredients of the products, and thus, our products simplify the process of taking care of your skin in everyday life, in order to minimize complexity and wastefulness.


Protecting the Earth is one of our utmost priorities. We have tried our best to make our ingredients and packaging eco-friendly. In addition.

Read amue’s Philosophy on design

amue strives for harmonious and sustainable design, and is aiming to satisfy both your visual and tactile needs. Such integrity is applied in other fields as well.